Vive la difference – Your Venue

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Wedding venues often have recurring ‘themes’ that are becoming so over the top they are almost boring.

The venue only frames the wedding, it does not make the wedding

How to make your venue unforgettable

Venues should match your (the bride’s) personality. It should be a location where you can shine, be yourself, and act with confidence. It is not about acting a role. You are not there to impress a gallery of people in a setting that is wrong or uncomfortable for you and your fiance. So chose a site that feels like ‘home’ to you, or a place that you’ve dreamed of or makes you very happy.

Being different doesn’t necessarily mean stepping out of your zone of comfort

To trash your gown in the waters of Mexico, wear cowboy boots under your gown, have a reception on a windy roof in San Francisco or in a barn with crystal chandeliers is fine as long as you feel some affinity for that place.

These spots are ‘in fashion’ but do they reflect your inner wishes?

Trying to emulate a bride from a magazine cover will probably not work for you.

Remember, you are the main actor of your wedding. You are the one that shines with confidence and turns the venue into a memorable event, so decide on your venue based on your character and not what everybody else is doing.

Being different is being true to yourself

Don’t try and pick an unusual spot just because you have to keep up with the current trend in wedding venues. Be this new unforgettable bride that has the courage to step off the beaten path and be herself.

(Or maybe you will want to forget all this and elope to a faraway island!)