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post-whats-newGown Shape:
The traditional stiff A-line gowns of yesteryear have given way to more fitted and sensuous gowns reminiscent of mermaid forms in soft and wavy lace, appealing to the romantic bride. But ball gowns ballerina style seem to be much in demand, and as always, the strapless is here to stay. Open backs all the way to the waist and even lower are definitely the new trend. The sexy sheath style that hugs the bust, waist and hips is a better fit for the tall, slim bride with a petite frame

Gown Colors:
Diamond white and ivory are still the height of fashion. However, the trend – especially in Europe – is to darken the shades with champagne, gold or platinum colors, or presenting the entire dress in a vibrant solid color, such as a dramatic red.

Gown Fabrics:
Today’s favorite fabrics, such as crepe and chiffon, are soft and airy. Duchesse satin, a mix of silk and polyester woven to create a satin finish, is used quite frequently. Lace is popular, and luxurious silk is always in demand.